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Contract Disputes

What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between parties which contains obligations that one party must fulfil in exchange for some price or benefit.  A contract can be verbal or in writing and can cover many situations from something as straight forward as the sale of goods to a more complex agreement for development or building works.

Contract Disputes – what can you do?

If a party to an agreement fails to honour their obligations then they are in breach of the contract and the other party or parties to that agreement can go to Court for redress.  This can include damages or an order that the party in default carries out their obligations.

Experienced, professional advice that’s cost conscious

The law relating to contracts is complicated and we can advise you as to where you stand, what your rights are and the merits of any claim you may have.  We always provide our clients with a cost benefit analysis for any course of action so that you may make an informed decision and are aware of the risks involved.

We act for Claimants and Defendants in contract disputes and can represent you through the initial stages, alternative dispute resolution or Court proceedings.