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Debt Recovery Solutions

Taking steps on your behalf…

As a creditor you will have various options available to you to recover monies owed.  We will initially write to the debtor on your behalf requiring payment within seven days failing which we will take legal action.  If the money remains outstanding we will advise you on your best options for debt recovery.

Keeping it cost effective

We provide you with the right advice to make an informed decision. Looking after our clients needs is our priority and that means making sure that the recommended debt recovery action is always cost effective and in your best interests.

We can prepare a statutory demand on your behalf which is the first step towards an application for bankruptcy against an individual or the winding up of a company.  The debtor can apply to the Court to set aside the statutory demand if they can show that the debt is in dispute.

We can either act for you or advise you in relation to High Court or County Court proceedings to recover the debt along with the various options open to you to enforce a Court Judgment.