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Neighbour and Boundary Disputes

Acceptable cost effective solutions…

Being involved in a dispute with your neighbours can be extremely upsetting and personal and as a result are infamous for the levels of costs that can be incurred.  At Caunters we will act on your behalf in the dispute and negotiate with your neighbour to try to reach an acceptable and cost effective solution.  Should negotiation fail then we can arrange for mediation or Court proceedings to resolve the issues.

In some cases, particularly urgent matters, we can apply for an injunction preventing your neighbour from taking an action or pursuing a certain course of conduct.  We can also claim damages if your rights have been infringed.

We can assist with the following issues:-

  • Access to neighbouring land
  • Shared Amenities
  • Boundaries, fences and walls
  • Party walls
  • Noise
  • Trees and hedges