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Financial Settlements

Financial Arrangements

Disagreements usually relate to money, property or arrangements for children.  Solicitors have a professional duty to settle these out of Court if at all possible.  It is usually in the interests of both you and your husband or wife to co-operate with this aim and reach an agreed financial settlement.

If you have disagreements about the way the finances of the marriage will be dealt with then you should attend a meeting to find out if you are suitable to go through mediation before you apply for a court order.  We can help and advise you on this process and assist in arranging the meeting.

It is particularly important that you provide us with full and accurate information about your financial circumstances.  If you do not do so then this can lead to delays and additional legal costs.

If you and your husband or wife cannot solve a disagreement out of Court you can apply for the Court to settle the matter.  The Court will do all it can to encourage you to negotiate an agreement but failing this the Judge will make a decision and issue a Court order.

However you reach an agreement with your husband or wife we can advise you on the best way to record what you have agreed so that it is legally enforceable and prevents, as far as possible, your husband or wife from making any future financial claims against you.