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Remortgage Advice

Looking at a remortgage, need advice?

Getting the right remortgage advice is important and at Caunters we offer fully independent advice which could save you both time and money. Our specialist Solicitor has many years of experience in dealing with all of the major mortgage lenders and will ensure that your mortgage delivers what you expect with no unwelcome surprises.

How we can help

We will ensure that your transaction is processed quickly and smoothly. We ensure all requirements are met to enable your existing mortgage to be repaid and we also deal with the requirements of the new lender on your behalf.

We provide you with detailed information of the costs involved from the very beginning, giving you peace of mind

The new lender will approach the transaction on the basis that it is a new purchase.  As a result the usual searches will have to be made to ensure that the property is suitable for lending purposes and meets your new lenders requirements.

There are various fees we will need to pay on your behalf, including search fees and land registry fees. We provide you with full details of the costs involved in remortgaging from the very beginning giving you peace of mind.

For independent, straight-forward remortgage advice, call Caunters today on Liskeard (01579) 343165