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Elderly Client Advice

Protecting you and your family’s assets as you grow older

Caunters elderly client advice encompasses Wills, Tax Planning, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Equity Release Schemes and Care Home Fee Planning.  At Caunters we specialise in dealing with all issues affecting you or your family members as you grow older.

Who can you trust?

It can be difficult and confusing reading the many articles and various television programs about how best to protect you and your family for the future.  There are many unregulated individuals purporting to be will writers, family trust specialists, legal service providers and other confusing terms.

Most of these individuals are sadly unqualified, with little or no legal understanding. They offer a slick sales pitch which hides a lack of qualifications and plays on the fears of uninformed individuals.

Making an informed choice

The reality is that the majority of these service  providers are more expensive than using a qualified Solicitor that is regulated by the Law Society and Insured.  Fact: Using a Solicitor safeguards You. Not using a Solicitor can lead to problems later on with little or no redress when mistakes have been made.

Highly respected

At Caunters our fees are competitive and in the majority of circumstances we are substantially cheaper than most.  We are proud to be highly respected for giving valuable, accurate advice in a sympathetic, understanding and professional manner. Our business is built around protecting our client’s interests in an affordable way.

Getting the right advice and peace of mind

We appreciate that some of our client’s will be unable to travel to our offices easily.  We are more than happy to visit you at home if it is more convenient.  We can help with:

  • Ensuring that we protect your assets in later life
  • Advising on care home fees
  • Protecting your home from being sold to pay for care
  • Advising you on your options
  • Negotiating with the Local Authority to ensure financial assessments are carried out properly and only relevant assets are taken into account.
  • Ensuring that the Local Authority or NHS pay for care when they should
  • Advising you on equity release schemes and discussing the alternatives available

For more information on how we can help to protect your assets call us on

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