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Making A Will

If you are making a Will with Caunters, we promise:

  • Great value. From just £150+Vat including free storage

  • Flexible appointments and home visits

  • Peace of Mind. Using our highly experienced qualified & fully regulated Solicitor

Making a Will is something we all know we should do but getting around to actually having it written or reviewed is more often than not a task to be put off for another day. We know that having a Will in place removes uncertainty and will give us peace of mind that our wishes will not only be known but adhered to. Isn’t it time you acted on your knowledge?

Instructing the best…

  • Only a qualified, practising Solicitor with up to date professional expertise will draft your Will
  • Peace of mind that we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Accredited by Lexcel for meeting the highest standards in our service provision
  • Competitive Prices start from just £150+Vat for a basic Will which includes free storage

So what are you waiting for…

One phone call is all it takes….call us today 01579 343165

We will make an appointment to suit you and you can rest assured that you have made preparations to ensure that your wishes are followed.

What happens next?

When you have decided to make a Will, before the first appointment it would be helpful for you to consider some basic information about your estate.  Set out below is a short summary of the kind of information that you will need to be able to discuss your requirements.

Issues for Consideration

  • A list of all your assets and who you would like to give them to
  • Details of your family, dependents and other beneficiaries
  • Nominate guardians for your children, if applicable
  • Other wishes such as organ donation
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Nominate executors of your Will to ensure your wishes are followed

The Process

Stage 1

  • Prepare information prior to appointment
  • First Appointment

Stage 2

  • Following your appointment your Solicitor will draft your Will and forward it to you for your consideration
  • Review the Will.  Contact your Solicitor to explain anything you may be unsure of or book another appointment to come in to make any further changes or for further advice
  • When you are happy with the draft, make an appointment to come in to sign the Will

Stage 3

  • Signing of the Will. We will provide two witnesses
  • Following this appointment we will send you a copy of your signed Will for your records and place the original in our strong room for safe keeping – free of charge.

We can also help with:

  • Advising you of the risks of not making a Will
  • Ensuring you appoint the right people to administer your estate
  • Advise you how to save on Inheritance Tax and where possible, through careful planning, not only reduce the amount of tax that will be due when you die, but in some cases, completely free up all your assets from being liable to tax at 40%
  • Ensuring you have control over how your property and other assets are distributed on death
  • Protecting the interests of those you want to benefit from your estate
  • Considering other matters in relation to any dependents you have and any potential claim that could be made against your estate